Groundwater Cleaning Technology

Reliable One has experienced a very significant development with the U.S. national laboratory that does all the groundwater testing for the Department of Energy. The laboratory explained to Reliable One that there are four major aquifers throughout the Midwest – Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas – that are severely contaminated with nitrates. The nitrate content is so high in some areas that farmers cannot use this water for irrigation and municipalities cannot source potable drinking water from them.

The laboratory asked Reliable One if it had a technology capable of purifying these aquifers from the nitrate contamination. Reliable One received a sample from the most contaminated aquifer in Kansas. Third-party testing showed the Kansas aquifer containing 55 mg/liter of nitrates. The national laboratory’s specifications requested that Reliable One take the nitrate content down to 10 mg/liter.

Reliable One used three separate proven technologies to clean the Kansas sample. One electrocoagulation unit that operates electrochemically, a second unit that operates primarily electromagnetically, and the third is classified as a nitrate reactor.

The unit that delivered the highest efficacy brought the nitrates down to 2.5 mg/liter, well below the specs required by the DOE. Although it was not part of our specs for purification, the unit also removes the lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and other metals.

Reliable One must now clean the water in the Kansas aquifer in front of the national laboratory’s engineers in May 2017. The test unit must run for 72 consecutive hours. After the laboratory sees the unit perform for 72 consecutive hours, the Company has been told that it will qualify to go to a contract. Discussions have centered around a 40-year Department of Energy Superfund contract for cleanup of these Midwest aquifers.

As of January 6, 2017, Reliable One Resources entered into a teaming agreement with Tehama, LLC for the purpose of bidding on government contracts. Tehama, LLC is a tribal 8(a) company and, as such, can negotiate contracts directly without going through the normal government bid process. This teaming agreement will allow Reliable One to pursue contracts with the national laboratory to clean up contaminated groundwater.

Given the successfully completed cleaning of the Kansas samples, and working with Tehama through this teaming agreement, Reliable One can use its technologies to obtain contracts to clean up the contaminated Midwest aquifers.