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Manages client inquires and develops strategic marketing methods to help market our services to both foreign and domestic businesses.

Mr. McCann served as Vice President of Med Gen, a publicly traded company producing and selling healthcare products worldwide. McCann successfully deployed strategic marketing methods to distribute stem cell therapy products, anti-anxiety medicine, natural sleep aid oral sprays and anti-aging medicinal products. Jim was strategically instrumental in raising the funding to go public and capitalizing the initial operating budget. When computers were at their very nascent stage of consumer penetration in the nineties, Jim paved the way for a brand-new industry when he secured the funding for the first three internet training schools in Southeast Florida. Jim was the General Manager of the largest auto warranty seller in the nation. He oversaw the sales force and was head of client relations. Jim has the ability to identify the leading companies in their niche industries early on in their development and secure capital for them to win market share in their respective enterprise spaces.

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