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Athens County, Ohio

Reliable One Resources, Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Reliable Enterprises, Inc., which does business in Ohio as Reliable Enterprises Ohio, Inc., closed the purchase of an operating water disposal well facility in Athens County in September 2018.  The acquisition is a key milestone in Reliable One’s strategy to collect and treat produced and flowback water for oil and gas operators throughout the United States.

The purchase of the Athens County facility came with existing contracts with oil and gas producers and water haulers in the Marcellus Shale region. As a result, an existing supply of water already committed to the site was secured through this purchase. Management of the facility were retained to ensure a seamless transition with uninterrupted operations at the site.

The location of the facility is considered ideal due to its proximity to operators in the Marcellus Shale as well as those in the Utica Shale and adjoining oil and gas producing areas.

Near-term plans for the facility include expanding water storage with the installation of additional tanks, which is projected to increase capacity by 30%, followed by the drilling of a second well that will allow for even faster processing of incoming water supplies. The company’s broader operational plan includes securing larger amounts of produced and flowback water for delivery to the Athens County facility as well as for processing at Reliable One’s future water recycling facility in the Marcellus region.

To that end, Reliable One also expects to complete the pending purchase of multiple trucking companies that currently haul produced and flowback water from Marcellus-area oil and gas operations.

Reliable One’s water recycling services have become more relevant as media reports and studies have focused on the massive volumes of oil and gas wastewater produced in areas like the Marcellus Shale and the Permian Basin in Texas. Beyond the current volumes of water already committed to the Ohio site, virtually all oil and gas operators are seeking locations and methods to dispose of their produced and flowback water. The company’s plan is to acquire and develop regional water mitigation solutions for oil and gas operators, as well as other businesses and industries, throughout the United States.

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