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In order to effectively introduce Reliable One’s capabilities to potential customers, markets, industries, and others, the company may utilize smaller-scale units for demonstration and for placement in certain situations. These units can be placed in the field, treating and purifying samples and other water resources. To see images of Reliable One Resources’ first mobile unit, expected to process up to 360,000 gallon per day.

While Reliable One’s primary focus is on large scale treatment facilities, the company is also developing smaller mobile units for placement at a variety of different locations and potentially for demonstration purposes. The mobile units include both oil/water separation and desalination technologies.

A potential application for the mobile units is placement at Reliable One’s disposal well in Athens County, Ohio. The units may also be used to demonstrate the company’s processes for certain customers and specific applications.

Below are images of Reliable One Resources’ trailer that will house first mobile demonstration unit, expected to process up to 360,000 gallon per day.



Full Trailer

These units are fully equipped with Reliable One's fully developed proprietary technology. These units act as a precursor towards our much larger water filtration sites. Having these units developed can help us gain efficiency and build momentum before an IPO process by confirming news sites before constructing large scale water filtration plants.

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