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Reliable One Resources Forms Quantum Filtration to Market New Graphene Based Surgical Mask

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ATHENS, TX–(April 21, 2020)–Reliable One Resources, Inc. (“Company” or “Reliable One”), today announced that it recently developed a novel air filtration system, which the Company has incorporated into a surgical mask.  The filter, which is comprised on a patent-pending and proprietary graphene membrane between polypropylene fabric, has an average pore size of 0.0025 microns.  Independent testing has shown that the mask blocks 99.9975% of particles sized .07 microns, making the Reliable One filter potentially capable of blocking even the smallest virus and bacteria.  By comparison, an N95 mask is rated to block only 95% of particles sized .3 microns.  Reliable One recently formed Quantum Filtration, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary to bring the masks to market.

Quantum Filtration has applied for, and received, an exemption from the FDA under the Emergency Use Act (EUA) to commence selling as a surgical mask in the medical arena.  The Company is moving forward aggressively to file a 510(k) submission for full FDA clearance and anticipates doing so following further testing and NIOSH certification.

Kenneth Wiedrich, Reliable One president, commented, “We originally developed this product for water desalination, so the pore size was of necessity very small.  Our scientists soon realized that it also makes an excellent air filter.  With the COVID-19 virus having particles sizes of .124-.06 microns, none of the masks on the market can actually block the virus from passing.  As our average pore size is .0025 microns, it can trap even the smallest virus particles, theoretically protecting the wearer from contagions.  Our independent testing confirmed this using NaCl particles at 0.07 microns—the smallest the lab had available.  Future testing using live virus particles is scheduled in the coming weeks.”

The Company announced that it is gearing up for commercial production and anticipates the first masks being shipped to customers by mid-May.  Reliable One is also seeking federal grant funds in combination with investment capital to accelerate production to meet initial demand.

Graphene is a lattice of carbon a single atom in thickness.  Reliable One has developed a proprietary formulation that enables it to create a membrane 1,000 layers thick of spun graphene.  This membrane is then placed between layers of polypropylene for user comfort and formed into a surgical mask.  With graphene being stronger than steel, the Company expects that its masks will be washable and reusable.

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