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Reliable One Resources Announces Receipt of Water Samples for Application of Treatment Technologies

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LAKE TAHOE, NV--(Marketwired - Apr 18, 2016) - Reliable One Resources, Inc., a provider of innovative and patented oil/water separation and desalination technologies, today announced that after months of interaction with U.S. government agencies, Reliable One, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, has picked up water samples from a subsurface freshwater reservoir. The samples come from a secured U.S. government site, which was restricted by the government because of dangerous levels of contamination.

Reliable One is currently analyzing the samples in order to utilize its propriety and patented processes and apply its water treatment and purification technologies on the water sample. The intent of Reliable One, its affiliates and subsidiaries is to acquire and negotiate a contract from the U.S. government to treat and purify large quantities of drinking water from surface and subsurface reservoirs that have been contaminated and wastewater resulting from oil and gas operations agriculture, mining, heavy industry, municipality, utilities, food processing, manufacturing, and other sources.

Reliable One has previously announced the availability of its proprietary and patented technologies and processes for oil/water separation for the oil and gas industry and desalination for a broad spectrum of potential consumers ranging from municipalities to entire countries.

The oil/water separation technology has received considerable attention due to the current focus on limiting wastewater injection into underground disposal wells. This wastewater injection from oil and gas operations has been linked to an increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma and other states. Additional wastewater concerns include the potential pollution of underground aquifers and surface pollution from wastewater stored above ground.

"We are very pleased to offer our water treatment and purification solutions at a time when tainted drinking water and wastewater disposal have become such pressing issues for our country and the world," commented Anthony Feezel, President of Reliable One Resources, Inc.

"States are already experiencing serious consequences due to the scarcity of market ready, cost effective water treatment solutions. Some states have shut down disposal wells and are contemplating limitations or even bans on wastewater injection due to the alarming increase in earthquakes in areas where disposal wells are prevalent. Other areas are seeing the impact of polluted drinking water on their communities, a problem that was highlighted by the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan. By introducing our technologies to federal, state and local agencies, we believe we can more rapidly deploy into areas where they are most needed."

A recent audit conducted by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) concluded that the Environmental Protection Agency has not done enough to safeguard drinking water supplies from the increasing amount of wastewater generated by the oil and gas industry. The report states, "The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not collected specific inspection and complete or consistent enforcement information, or consistently conducted oversight activities, to assess whether state and EPA-managed Underground Injection Control (UIC) class II programs are protecting underground sources of drinking water. EPA guidance calls for states and EPA regions to report certain information and for EPA to assess whether programs are effectively protecting underground sources of drinking water, but the agency does not."

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