Philip McElroy – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. McElroy has over 30 years’ experience in the water/wastewater business, and he is well versed with new technology, techniques and environmental law. He has accumulated over 120 hours of classroom recertification courses at Texas A&M Extension University. He served as Field Operator on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), where he held State of Texas certification to operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant at the Big Hill SPR Facility outside Winnie, Texas. He also was instrumental in setting up the lab and all of its related processes. In addition to his wastewater duties, Philip operated the pumps, motors (3,000 HP with flows of 1.5 MMbbls/day), and related equipment to leach out crude oil storage caverns in salt domes to store 160 million barrels of crude oil underground. This was some of the most sophisticated and advanced equipment in the world.

Mr. McElroy managed operations at a Superfund clean-up site outside Casa Grande, Arizona. This facility had a 100-year flood, causing a copper mine pit to fill up and overflow onto the dessert floor with a high level of heavy metals.

Philip set up the laboratory protocols and operated a 1 MGD reverse osmosis plant used to de-water the copper mine pit. The process included 2-stage pH precipitation using lime slurry, water softening using soda ash, sand filtration, and pH control using sulfuric acid.

He also was instrumental in the construction of the Blackhawk/Central City wastewater treatment plant in Colorado. The plant was a 2 MGD Advanced Activated Sludge Treatment Plant with Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) for ammonia and phosphorous and UV light disinfection. He also set up the lab and all procedures to support this activity. This is where he obtained a Class A Wastewater License from the State of Colorado, the highest level of certification an operator can achieve.

Philip’s management experience includes managing organizations from 10 to 40 employees in such diverse functions as inventory management, project management, operations, quality improvement, cost reduction and training. As an Inventory Manager, Philip managed a 4,100-line inventory with a value in excess of $10 million for both the U.S. Navy and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Philip trained all employees in the proper procedures and safe material handling, shipping and receiving, inventory control, storage and issuing of materials from all warehouses and yards.  He was also responsible for inventory accuracy, including equipment out for repair.

Philip’s extensive project management experience involved the clean-up of nuclear waste at the Rocky Flats Facility outside Denver, Colorado where the Department of Energy made Plutonium triggers for the atomic bomb. His team of professionals managed the opening and clean-up of 900+ cargo containers, where the most difficult problems were stored, during the previous 20 years, for clean-up by others. His operations management experience includes monitoring of site systems to ensure safe and reliable operations, develop equipment/process operating procedures and train personnel in their use, identify, develop and track system design modifications, verify P&ID drawings to ensure safe start-up of newly constructed crude oil storage facility and was a member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

While on the SPR, Philip’s quality management experience included the design, implementation and management of company-wide quality and productivity improvement programs. Philip facilitated various process improvement/design teams throughout the company, implemented the company-wide use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor process output and customer satisfaction. He was also a certified Process Management/Team Leader Instructor.

From this effort, the SPR was awarded the Louisiana Quality and Department of Energy Quality Awards along with the much coveted Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award which is awarded annually only to two organizations, by the President of the United States. As a Manager of Cost Reduction, Philip designed, implemented and managed company Cost Reduction Program and strategy. Program identified and developed over $20 million in cost savings.  He benchmarked company operations/processes with best-in-class, to identify cost reduction targets and performed detailed cost/benefit analysis of major business processes to support outsourcing decisions.

With DynMcDermott, Philip implemented and managed company-wide Performance Based Training Program. He was responsible for the design and implementation of OJT courses, conducted needs analysis on hourly, salary and management personnel to support implementation of Performance Based Training Program and coordinated and scheduled all training and employee development programs. This management experience was with such organizations as DynMcDermott, DynCorp, Boeing, General Motors, Northrup Grumman, Department of Energy, FMC, and Conoco.