Key Personnel

Dean Lamont Loveland – Sales/Operations Manager, Deicing Dust Control

Mr. Loveland was hired to market and sell Reliable One’s deicing and dust control chemical. Dean is a dust and ice control salesman who brings over 26 years’ knowledge of road stabilization, including working with dust control products and selling to different companies and subdivisions as well as county road departments and city road and bridge departments.

Mr. Loveland has over 30 years’ experience operating several different types of heavy equipment safely and efficiently. He has experience working with Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service and many years’ experience working on safe slopes on excavations and proper barricading. He has knowledge of trenching and shoring standards, aggregate sizes and classifications, and over 27 years’ experience building slopes in roads.

Mr. Loveland worked his way up from spreader driver to crew manager to field manager, then from office manager to sales representative and assistant to the CEO. He has many years’ experience working with construction companies and county road departments to build the best roads and several years’ experience running his own dust control company. He has staged and spread at power plants, mines, ski resorts, parking lots, and subdivisions. Dean was involved in development of concentrated product to be mixed at job sites.