June 2018 Update Documents

Documents related to June 2018 Update

10-Year Proforma for Wheeling, West Virginia Plant

Sheet 1 – Financials:  10k to 20k BPD Financial Forecast – Fin1

Sheet 2 – Assumptions: 10k to 20k BPD Financial Forecast – Assump1

Sheet 3 – Chart Data: 10k to 20k BPD Financial Forecast – ChartData5

Sheet 4 – Charts: 10k to 20k BPD Financial Forecast – Charts6

(If you are having difficulty viewing the document image, please contact Investor Relations at 775-461-1090 and ask for John Collier or James McCann.  They will be able to provide the information in additional formats.)

Engineering Confirmation from McTish, Kunkel and Associates: Third Party Engineering Confirmation

Reliable One’s disposal well property located in the middle of the world’s largest natural gas formation

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