Hyperspectral Sensor

Reliable One’s Vice President of Technology Development, Dr. Adam Chu, possesses over 30 years’ experience working in an array of scientific studies and engineering for the Department of Defense and the aerospace industry. For more details of Dr. Chu’s qualifications, please see Management Summary section below.

Dr. Chu is currently working on a Hyperspectral Sensing Technology (real-time water monitoring), which, once completed, will have the capability to measure all Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act contaminants in real time, 24/7, in any aqueous solution. The sensor accuracy will be in the parts per billion. This will be a revolutionary product with revolutionary capabilities, which we believe will forever change the way water testing is accomplished by using a network of nationally accredited laboratories. This new technology will eventually have far-reaching effects on the world economy as well, as it will significantly impact the medical and agricultural industries. It will also have the capability to measure contaminants and fertilizer levels in plants and measure what is in the human body and blood. Someday, this technology will replace current blood testing methods by no longer requiring a needle to collect a blood sample. Reliable One’s first prototype of the sensor will be unveiled in the second quarter of 2017.