Chemical Salt Reduction

Reliable One’s Chemical Salt Reduction Process treats produced water, reducing total dissolved solids from 80,000 PPM to 450 PPM, well below the 500 PPM required by the Clean Water Act. As soon as Spring 2017, Reliable One will demonstrate its chemical desalination technology, as well as other technologies, to the Office of the Governor of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), the EPA and the approximately 12 oil companies around Cushing and Oklahoma City that have been severely cut back or stopped from putting produced water into injection wells and have consequently had to suspend or curtail drilling operations in the state. The OCC and the governor’s office restricted the injection of produced water into disposal wells. In order to be re-permitted to drill, companies must have their water comply with the 1972 Clean Water Act. This technology will allow Reliable One to procure valuable produced water treatment contracts from companies forced to suspend their drilling operations due to these restrictions.

Figure 1: Raw Water Sample


Figure 2: Water Sample After 15 Minutes of Treatment


Figure 3: Water Sample After 25 Minutes of Treatment

Note: Reliable One can provide test results showing contamination levels of the raw water sample and the post-treatment results with all contaminants taken down to undetectable levels