Demonstration Unit

As a company that possesses innovative, patented water treatment and purification technologies and processes, Reliable One Resources takes every opportunity to introduce its capabilities to potential customers, markets, industries, and others.  To that end, the company is completing construction of a display-sized unit for both the oil/water separation and the desalination technologies, which will go out into the field, treating and purifying samples and other water resources.

Reliable One has arranged for a test site in Edmond, Oklahoma where a variety of interested groups (oil operators, government agencies, key politicians, other business and industry stakeholders) will see firsthand how the units perform. We anticipate the units will be completed and the demonstration performed in May 2017.

This demonstration will provide the confirmation that everyone is looking for – that Reliable One can indeed take seawater to potable water and turn produced water into beneficial water at price points far below any current technology.

Below are images of Reliable One Resources’ trailer that will house first mobile demonstration unit, expected to process up to 360,000 gallon per day.






Full Trailer