As an industry leader in wastewater treatment and recycling, Reliable One Resources will maintain a fleet of vehicles to pick up and transport water to and from our facilities.

Produced water from drilling (brine water) and frac water must be transported to disposal wells. Because of the massive amount of water used by the very largest drillers and operators, these drillers and operators often have their own fleet of water trucks to transport brine and frac water to disposal facilities with which they have contracts. However, the mid- and smaller size drillers and operators typically do not have their own fleet of water trucks to transport their brine and frac water to disposal wells and must hire independent trucking subcontractors to perform this service, usually at a significant cost.

As a result, Reliable One will have its own fleet of water trucks to service all the drillers and operators that do not have their own trucking fleet. Having its own fleet will make it even easier for drillers and operators to choose Reliable One as their water disposal solution, because operators will not have to make arrangements for subcontractor trucking companies to pick up their water and take it to a disposal facility. Reliable One is able to essentially be a one stop shop where we will pick up water, treat it, and also truck it back to the operator after treatment for their ongoing drilling and fracking needs.

Reliable One’s treatment facility is designed with trucking lanes on either side of the plant. One side of the plant is able to accommodate 20 trucks dropping off produced and frac water and, the other side will be able to accommodate 10 trucks for filling up and hauling off fresh  water back to the operators. Having its own fleet of trucks makes it convenient for Reliable One’s drilling and operator clientele while also providing a separate profit center for the company.