Kenneth Wiedrich – President

Mr. Wiedrich is a senior level executive with extensive hands-on experience in management, operational accounting, reporting for public companies, finance functions, and in dealing with Boards of Directors, banks, attorneys, audit firms and the SEC. Areas of expertise include: Financial and Strategic Planning, Accounting and Financial Operations, Budget Development and Management, Business Startups and Expansions, Staff Management and Development, and Public Company Accounting and Reporting. Mr. Wiedrich also has experience with government cost accounting methods and all related government acquisition regulations and software applications.


Phillip-McElroyPhilip McElroy – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. McElroy has over 30 years’ experience in the water/wastewater business, and he is well versed with new technology, techniques and environmental law. He has accumulated over 120 hours of classroom recertification courses at Texas A&M Extension University. He served as Field Operator on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), where he held State of Texas certification to operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant at the Big Hill SPR Facility outside Winnie, Texas. He also was instrumental in setting up the lab and all of its related processes. In addition to his wastewater duties, Philip operated the pumps, motors (3,000 HP with flows of 1.5 MMbbls/day), and related equipment to leach out crude oil storage caverns in salt domes to store 160 million barrels of crude oil underground. This was some of the most sophisticated and advanced equipment in the world.

He managed operations at a Superfund clean-up site outside Casa Grande, Arizona. This facility had a 100-year flood, causing a copper mine pit to fill up and overflow onto the dessert floor with a high level of heavy metals. Philip set up the laboratory protocols and operated a 1 MGD reverse osmosis plant used to de-water the copper mine pit. The process included 2-stage pH precipitation using lime slurry, water softening using soda ash, sand filtration, and pH control using sulfuric acid.

He also was instrumental in the construction of the Blackhawk/Central City wastewater treatment plant in Colorado. The plant was a 2 MGD Advanced Activated Sludge Treatment Plant with Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) for ammonia and phosphorous and UV light disinfection. He also set up the lab and all procedures to support this activity. This is where he obtained a Class A Wastewater License from the State of Colorado, the highest level of certification an operator can achieve.

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John-CollierJohn Collier – Executive Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Collier attended Auburn University, Biola College, and UCLA from 1978-1981. He began his college career on a golf scholarship and later studied Business Administration. In 1985, john played professional golf on worldwide golf tours for four consecutive years and enjoyed a number of tournament successes. In 1989, Mr. Collier accepted the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for the second largest golf school in the U.S. From 2003-2007, John co-founded and co-owned First National Warranty. John helped grow the company to sales revenues of over $27 million dollars for 2005 before selling his interest to equity partners in 2007. In 2007, Mr. Collier and his partners purchased 50% of the holding company, which holds 588 acres of resort beachfront property on the Northeast Coast of St. Lucia. Starting in 2010, John began working with and investing in oil and gas exploration companies and has now accepted the position of V.P. of Business Development for Reliable One Resources.


Jim-McCannJames McCann – Executive Vice President, Client Relations

Mr. McCann served as Vice President of Med Gen a publicly traded company producing and selling healthcare products worldwide including marketing stem cell therapy products, anti-anxiety medicine, natural sleep aid oral sprays and, anti-aging medicinals in the pet market. James was strategically instrumental in raising the funding to go public and capitalizing the initial operating budget. When computers were at their very nascent stage of consumer penetration in the nineties James paved the way for a brand new industry when he secured the funding for the first 3 internet training schools in Southeast Florida. James was the General Manager of the largest auto warranty seller in the nation. He oversaw the sales force and was head of client relations. James has the ability to identify the leading companies in their niche industries early on in their development and secure capital for them to win market share in their respective enterprise spaces. This attribute along with his skill in investor relations makes him extremely valuable to Reliable for executing its plan to go public by leveraging its patented desalination and oil/water treatment technologies.


Richard W. Barber – Financial Officer

Mr. Barber is a senior financial executive who delivers bottom line business improvements by raising revenue, lowering expenses, and restructuring organizations.  His experience includes: CFO of Bank of America’s retail stock brokerage business, CEO of a stock clearing firm which he sold to a larger stock clearing company and CFO positions at other companies.  He has been involved in real estate his entire career, including owning more than 100 multifamily units and negotiating for the purchase of 7World Trade Center from Larry Silverstein.  He has an MBA from Columbia University in Finance and is a CPA.